Printers, Scanners & Other Peripherals Supported

Tech Net Web’s Certified Technicians are trained to help resolve problems with ALL Microsoft operating systems. We support Windows XP, NT, Vista, 98, 95 and all other personal and professional editions of Microsoft operating systems. Tech Net Web Technician’s can assist in set-up, upgrade, installation and customization of Windows operating systems on your computer.

Tech Net Web’s Certified Technicians can help with a variety of different types of printing, scanning, and document processing issues. We can install new device drivers to configure your computer for use with networked or wireless printers. Printer error codes can be a soup of random digital codes that are hard to decipher. Tech Net Web’s agents can decipher these codes, get to the root cause underlying these errors, and fix them.

Typical Printer Problems Fixed

Following are a few examples of technical support services that Tech Net Web certified technicians can resolve.

  • Printer configuration to allow a wireless or a home network printer to be accessed by making sure the driver and printer configurations are set correctly
  • Installation of Printer software and device drivers to allow commonly used applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point to print documents
  • Setting up printing resolution and other settings to minimize use of ink and other consumables
  • Installation various types of printer drivers including UBS Printer Driver, HP’s Universal Printer Driver, Windows 7 Printer Driver and resolving “printer driver not installed error
  • Fixing common printing errors such as errors connecting to a printer, printer error 126, printer spooling error, and other common errors

Printers Brands Supported