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How to Trace Free to Paid Reverse Cell Phone Number Directories

If you’ve had an encounter with an unidentified phone number on your phone, you may have been trying to find out more about it, or trying to identify whether it belongs to somebody you know. Maybe you’ve also been trying to track down an unknown mobile phone caller without success. There are many free options for tracking down cell phone numbers, but they’re not all that effective. A reverse lookup phone number service is the only way to be able to find out details such as the caller’s name, address, provider and more. However, how do you pick the best one?

There are free services available, but they only trace land line telephone numbers. Therefore, if you need to identify a cellular or private number, you’ll have to use one of their paid services. ESET is a very popular Slovakia-based anti-virus and security company that provide many different security products. ESET was recently awarded the title of Europe’s top firm in 2008, 2009 and 2010, for its consistent high levels of security.

There are a few differences between these free reverse look up services and those that charge for them. Most don’t offer a complete reverse search for cellular or private numbers. For example, there is no way to be able to trace a fax number to identify the sender. But most services will offer basic information such as the name of the person the phone number is registered to and their current address. This is enough to track down an unknown caller.

The only problem with these free reverse look up services is that sometimes the data they provide isn’t always correct. Sometimes you can trace a phone number back to a previous owner, but you never really know when that happened. And sometimes, they only provide basic information, such as the name of the phone’s owner. If you’re more concerned with a regular cell phone number then you’ll probably prefer to pay a small fee to track down the info you need.

Paid reverse phone directories have been around a long time. And they work just the same way as their free counterparts. Once you find a site with a good reverse search, input the phone number into a search field and wait a few seconds while the site works its way through its database. You’ll likely be provided with some basic info such as the phone owner’s name, address, and possibly even an email address. That’s really all the information you’ll ever need.

So, how do you trace free to paid reverse cell phone number directories? You basically have two options. Either pay for one of the established directories or simply spend the money to sign up for a private directory that you can use on your own. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. While paying for a directory can be cheaper, it’s not always guaranteed to provide you with real-time results. Private directories, however, tend to charge a monthly fee in order to maintain their databases constantly updated.