Norton antivirus basic

New Premium Version of Norton Antivirus Basic

Norton Antivirus Basic is a free virus protection utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This virus protection tool is highly popular with PC users all over the world because it has several advanced features that are very useful in protecting your computer from malware threats. Norton Antivirus Basic can repair many common types of viruses that cause problems on your PC. Users of this software will have a faster and more efficient computer as a result. This article will give you a detailed overview of Norton Antivirus Basic and how to get the full version.

N Norton Antivirus Basic is an excellent free malware removal tool for Windows operating systems. Norton AntiVirus Basic is a virus scanner, which utilizes a signature dictionary to detect malicious software. This utility also has an automated scanner that can detect if your PC is infected with a specific file. Users of this antivirus software product will have faster and more efficient computer performance as a result of these advanced features.

N Norton Antivirus Basic comes with a unique feature known as Liverection. This feature allows you to restore your PC to a previous functional state after the software has been infected by malware, fake antivirus files and other viruses. This will enable you to repair any errors and remove malware that have infected your PC. In most cases, malware that causes system crashes can be completely removed by using Live Corrections. The process is extremely effective in removing malware threats.

When scanning your machine with this antivirus software, you will discover several advanced features, which make this piece of software extremely effective. One of the primary features includes an advanced Security Center feature. With this feature, you can block known threats, prevent malware from gaining access to your machine and check for updates in the future. Norton’s AntiMalware definition updates regularly and can help ensure that your machine is scanned with the latest forms of malware.

Additional benefits of using this product include Safe Web Guard. With Safe Web Guard, you can make it harder for malware and phishing attacks by blocking websites. Some forms of malware use free websites to send out spam to millions of people. These websites are used by scammers to obtain personal information that can then be used to steal your identity. By blocking known websites, you can protect yourself and your PC.

Norton Antivirus Basic also includes three additional security measures. You will receive twenty-four hour technical support via telephone and through the Internet. You will also gain access to the “Tech Talk” feature, which provides you with questions and answers concerning the product and tips for making your Internet usage safer. A new subscription to the Norton Antivirus Basic program will give you these benefits and many more.